13 inspiring books about what travelling really means

Brace yourself, summer is coming! That means it’s time for you to start sketch your travelling plan. Besides laying on the beach, with the company of a mojito or the classic mountain hiking, we say you should think outside the box. In other words, we think it’s time for you to have some unusual experiences, to get out of your comfort zone and live your life at its maximum potential.

But you have to stay inspired, so that’s the reason we made a fantastic list with books that can inspire your travellings.

  1. Eat, pray, love

The title speaks for this book, as the main characters find herself through Italian delicacies, meditation in India and finding the love of her life at the end of the journey.

  1. Under the Tuscan Sun

This book talks about the eye of seasoned traveler, the pleasures of Italian life and the unexpected treasures that can live just right before your eyes.

  1. Vagabonding – An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-term World Travel

Do you think is necessary to say more about this book? Just think about taking a break from your normal life, think about the idea of discovering new things and experience world on your terms.

      4.Big Apple, Black Sands and the Midnight Sun

How would you define a meaningful life now? We’re curious how would you define it after readind this amazing book.

  1. The wave

Forget about those Hawaiian surfers that you saw in some movies. Just think about the ocean and the energy that you can find in it.

  1. Undress me in the temple of Heaven

This quote is just enough. –  “We had no idea, of course, of how complicated the world could be, or of our place in it, or of just how much trouble we were in for.”

  1. Sideways on a Scooter

If you’re interested in a totally different world as India, you should read this book.It’s a story about life seen and lived so different of our range of understanding.

  1. It’s Not About the Tapas

Like the author says, it’s a story about Spain seen on two wheels. It’s hot, believe us!

  1. Running away to home

The idea about starting a new life at the point when you think it’s impossible. It’s about  “a journey of who we are, where we come from and what really matters.”

  1. Life it’s a trip

Note this somewhere and read it from time to time – “It occurred to me that any traveler can travel like a journalist—looking for cues and clues, diving into new cultures, and coming home with great stories and new ways of responding to life.”

    11. The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost

Hey you, spontaneous student, what would you think about graduate and taking a year for travelling? Take your friends and go have an adventure. It’s time!

  1. The Geography of Bliss

Go find your happiness in travelling, go enjoy this world, go embrace the mistery of so many cultures!

  1. A year in the world

We just love travelling quotes! Take this one – ” Two of my favorite words are linked: departure time. And travel whets the emotions, turns upside down the memory bank, and the golden coins scatter.”


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