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Recently we and our guests have answered the questions of the biggest TV station in Romania about travelers and costs of traveling in Bucharest. Of course, the materials have been shot in our hostels in Bucharest: Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel and Pura Vida Sky Hostel. Also we have done the interviews at Pura Vida Read more about About travelers and costs of traveling in Bucharest[…]

About Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel on Effitimonholiday.com

Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel in Bucharest has been reviewed by the Romanian travel blogger Vlad from Eff it I’m on Holiday. Thank you Vlad for the positive comments! You can read the article below: “We all have a lot of expectations when it comes to booking accommodation for a new trip: it has to Read more about About Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel on Effitimonholiday.com[…]

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If you’re a journalist or blogger in need of more information or would like to experience our lovely hostels for yourself, please get in touch with the us: traveler@puravidahostels.ro Phone number: 0040 761 971 967 Also check out the latest press releases from Pura Vida Hostels and Free accommodation for travel writers. ______ For more Read more about PR & Media[…]

Gomio.com: “Where To Stay In Bucharest? The Old Town of Bucharest”

When planning a trip to Bucharest, most of the backpackers try to find a place to stay as closer as possible to the center of the city. But there is something to consider. The problem here is that these places are more expensive than the ones from the city, at 2-3 or maybe 9 subway stops. There are some interesting hostels located in the historical buildings from the center of the city that offer you all those things you dream of at a small price. This is also the story of the capital of Romania. Here are 9 reasons why to stay in the Old Town of Bucharest:

little bucharest old town hostel (3)

1. The night life in Bucharest


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We are travelers and we know how important is the budget for you guys. We know how many sacrifices you do to make your dream come true and to help others with inspiration, tips and tricks for their own trips. Therefore, if you are a travel blogger, a travel journalist or any other type of Read more about Free accommodation for travel writers[…]