What does “Living la Vida Pura” mean for you?

We built our business around the concept of Pura Vida – the freedom to live life freely and with a big smile on your face. That’s why we named our group of hostels Pura Vida Hostels. Everyday we meet travelers from all over the world who try and most of them succeed to live la vida pura. They are brave enough to discover the world with no expectations, with an open mind and they get in return an amazing experience.

We are now curious what does “living la vida pura” mean for you?

Write a comment below and tell us what does “living la vida pura” mean for you until 14th of September 2014. We will choose the most interesting comments and we will award them with 2 nights of free accommodation for 2 persons at Pura Vida Beach Hostel & Bar in Vama Veche between 15th and 30th of September 2014, in terms of availability.

Good luck and inspiration!


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