Gomio.com: “Where To Stay In Bucharest? The Old Town of Bucharest”

When planning a trip to Bucharest, most of the backpackers try to find a place to stay as closer as possible to the center of the city. But there is something to consider. The problem here is that these places are more expensive than the ones from the city, at 2-3 or maybe 9 subway stops. There are some interesting hostels located in the historical buildings from the center of the city that offer you all those things you dream of at a small price. This is also the story of the capital of Romania. Here are 9 reasons why to stay in the Old Town of Bucharest:

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1. The night life in Bucharest

Oh yeah, this city has a night life in the Old Town of Bucharest. The historical center is packed with pubs, restaurants, clubs and bars and every one of them has a story, a theme, a type of music. Wherever you turn, you can easily find a place for you.”

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