How it is to stay at a Hostel in Bucharest

In the past few years, due to the increase of the number of tourists in Romania and also in Bucharest, the number of hostels increased significantly. More than that, the quality of the hostels also increased more than expected. The guests of Bucharest hostels are, in the most part, foreigners, but, once in a while, you can see some Romanians too. Why? First of all, this type of accommodation is not so popular between Romanians. Secondly, most of them are skeptical when it comes to sharing a room with someone else beside their friends or family. The hostel is an extremely friendly, interesting and cheap alternative accommodation.

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What is a hostel

A hostel is a type of hotel, as you can figure out from the name, but for tight budgets. In general, at a hostel you find double rooms and also rooms with 4, 6, 8 or 12 beds or family rooms with shared bathroom or in room bathroom. The prices could vary, from 7 Euro per night to 15 Euro per night, depending on conditions. The hostel means friendship, socializing, meeting new people beyond the journey itself and going home with life stories and great memories.

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Who stays at a hostel in Bucharest?

Although is was initially designed for the youngsters, the hostel evolved and, depending on availability and location, it can hold families, groups of families which want to have fun without spending too much money. Mainly, the youngsters are the ones who choose this type of accommodation, because it fits their needs and requirements, either it is about a party, a concert or a couple of days at a conference. Also, there are solo-travelers, meaning tourists which travel alone and choose this accommodation because they can make friends and can socialize with other travelers from the whole world.

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What do the hostels offer in Bucharest?

Mainly, you have a place to sleep, to have a shower and leave your stuff, especially because every room has an individual locker. You can find a shared kitchen, equipped with all you need to prepare any kind of food. Also, there is a living room, where, usually, people gather to exchange impressions, to ask for advices about what they can see in the area, or even gather in groups for all kind of trips. But if you have to work, you can find free wi-fi, so you can do your things. The tourists can, also, find information of places to visit, activities like city tour, one day trips, pub crawls, thematic tours etc.

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What is like to stay at a hostel?

You could say that experience in the dorms can help you. But respect and common sense are mandatory here. If you are with your friends, you have to take in account that somebody wants to sleep, somebody wants to eat,somebody will party and somebody will snore.

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Hostel = fun?

Of course that there’s fun at the hostel. Besides that lounge, where you can meet all sorts of people and you can find out some amazing life stories, at Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel there are theme days or theme nights, like cooking night or hand made stuff day. Especially if is bad weather outside, there are things you can do in the house for sure. Besides, the location gives you the opportunity to experiment all kind of pubs, from traditional ones to basements with rock music. It’s all about your preferences.

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How much you have to spend at a hostel in Bucharest?

It’s cheaper than a hotel, obviously. In Pura Vida Hostels network for example, the prices vary from 8 to 30 Euro, depending on the room and location.

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How to book and pay

The first step, before choosing a hostel, is reading reviews on TripAdvisor or They are very important. After that, you should read politics and terms for each hostel. If you want a 10% discount, you should book on the hostel website. After confirmation on e-mail, you should print it and take it with you for check-in.

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How to check-in at the hostel

Before leaving home, be sure you have Google maps on your phone or a map. It helps a lot in a city you don’t know. When you arrive at the hostel, you have to show a passport or an ID card and the printed e-mail confirmation. You should ask for all information from the beginning, like the hostel program, so you can avoid being locked outside. Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel is opened non-stop, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel is part of Pura Vida Hostels, the first independent hostels network in Romania: 2 in Bucharest (Peaches and Little Bucharest), two at the seaside in Vama Veche, Pura Vida Beach Hostel and Pura Vida Breeze Hostel, and one in the old mountain region of Bucovina, Dor de Bucovina.


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