How to enjoy Bucharest for free


You have to know that there are ways to enjoy Bucharest with low budgets or even for free. Now is obvious that the accommodation in Bucharest cannot be for free, but you’ll find a very cheap and clean hostel in Bucharest, right in the middle of the city nightlife.If you can gather your people, the transport would be cheaper. And now there’s the things you can do in Bucharest with no money in your wallet.

1.Rent a bike for free

Summer is coming, so you should spend more time outside. We recommend you to rent some bicycle for free. Besides a very refreshing activity, the bike can be a very good way of transportation. You can find some bike stands in parks like Herăstrău or Kiseleff. But don’t worry, you are allowed to go outside the park, on the streets.

2.Visit museums for free

Yep, we’re not lying. There are a lot of museums that can be visited for free. Any of them has a particular day when the tax is removed and you can enjoy the fantastic things inside of them. You can find more informations about schedule  right here.

3.See some movies for free

Being outside, with a chilly summer wind, something good to eat and watching a good movie. We say that this is the perfect recipe for the perfect summer night. And of course, is for free. In Herăstrău or Grădina cu filme there are film projections that will not empty your wallet.

 4.Theater, Workshops and all kinds of activities

 It’s what we call It’s a project initiated by City Hall and is also for free. Every summer has its own program and we’re sure that you can find something on your liking.

5.Guided Bucharest

Guided Bucharest is a free tour that will show you the main attractions in Bucharest. The guides talk in English, they usually start at 6 pm and and the tour lasts 2 hours.

6.Do some sports

 We talk about fitness, basketball, football or tennis. There are so many places with fitness devices and enough space for any kind of sport. You can find them mainly in the parks.


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