September 8, 2018

Pura Vida Hostels Privacy Policy

Our first priority at Pura Vida Hostels is to offer to our customers a great time at our hostel. In order to meet your expectations we’ve set up a privacy policy for your protection.

1. What it means

“Personal data” represents any type of information collected by us or third parties that work with us that allows you to be identified in any kind of form.

2. When is your info collected

Your personal data is collected in the next situations:
2.1 Booking at our hostel
2.2 Participanting at our events
2.3.Booking through third parties (eg

3. Why do we collect your pesonal data

Because we provide accommodation services, we need personal informations to process your reservation.

4. Who has access to your data

In order to process to your reservation we should share your info to hostel sfaff. In some situation we might share your personal data to medical services or legal authorities if necessary. We do not give access to your personal data to any third parties.

5. Data security and protection

We took all necessary technical measures according to European laws regarding GDPR to keep your informations safe.

6. Personal data

When making a reservation through our system, third parties or directly at our reception, your personal data is collected.
Example of data collected:
6.1. Name
6.2. Telephone number
6.3. Email address
6.4. Date of birth
6.5. Gender
6.6. Nationality

7. Removing your personal data

You can ask anytime for your personal data to be removed at